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Join Jumakae for a 9 month online group immersion of reclaiming your voice. Find clarity in your messaging, create your signature story, and build the confidence to facilitate workshops to strategically grow your business.










Are you...
...allowing procrastination and an ongoing to-do list get in the way of your goals?
...feeling isolated on your journey and crave the right connections, peer support, and accountability to move you forward?
...lacking structure to balance out your big dreams of pursuing healing work?
...exhausted from not seeing enough people who look like you in leadership roles while asking, "Why not me"?
...ready to gain clarity on your story medicine and what you're here to offer to the world?

I see you.

You're not sure if others take you seriously (imposter's syndrome)! 

You feel guilty about charging for your healing work (cuz it's greedy and capitalistic).

You think you're behind because everyone else seems to have their life together.

You're afraid of what others will think of you if you put yourself out there.

People always ask you for help, but you don't know where to set the boundary.

You're constantly chasing after the next certification, because you never feel ready enough.

Your head is in the clouds while your body is seeking roots on earth.

You're exhausted from following the rules, and are ready to create your own.

You've been speaking and facilitating workshops (or have a strong desire to do so), but keep asking yourself when you're finally going to generate income from it.

You know you have an incredible story, but can't seem to find the right words to express what it is you do.


Hi, I'm Jumakae! 

(or "June" for short.) 

...and I help changemakers and aspiring entrepreneurs get stories out of their body and into the world so that their medicine can reach the masses through life coaching, public speaking, and workshop facilitation. As an artivist (artist +activist) and community organizer turned transformational life coach (or "life doula") and wellness advocate, I didn't think it was ethical of me to pursue the work I felt naturally good at as a career. After all, healers aren't supposed to charge for their gifts! But after several years in the nonprofit industrial complex, becoming a "consultant," and many missed payments later, I knew it was time to start thinking like my own boss by getting clear on my purpose, putting healthy boundaries in place, and changing my story.

As a result of my coaching, people gain confidence in their speaking, have the clarity to further their message, and tell their story in an embodied way.

Sure, you can have the website and branding.

You can come up with your "elevator pitch."

You can attend yet another training to show your credibility.

But none of that matters if information is not transmuting into action.

Most importantly, you must feel in your body that what you desire is possible!

And it ALL begins with your STORY.


"Masterful Storyteller, Caller of Visions for us to share our own stories with skill, grace, and power. June helped me advocate for my needs as I started getting approached for more speaking engagements. This has tremendously helped me with creating better boundaries and what it is I say yes to."

Susanna Barkataki
Yoga Diversity & Equity Advocator, Founder of Ignite Yoga & Wellness Institute

"June has been a pillar in helping me with my story, how to express myself in a clear way, and helped me feel confident in what I am trying to convey on stage. She is powerful and she stands in her truth, and that is beyond admirable."

Eva Warner
Relationship Coach, PhSalty Thoughts

"June is a powerful leader and group facilitator! I learned so much from her storytelling workshop and from observing her performance and teaching skills. I would highly recommend June to teach others on how to facilitate a meaningful workshop and provide guidance around sharing our stories."

Elyse Preston
Healing Justice Practitioner, Founder of Be More Connected

Okay, sooo... How does this work?


🌰October - December
Phase 1:
 We will focus on the root and sacral chakra as we explore our stories of security, money, sensuality, and creativity in our body. Journey into your ancestral lineage and life experiences, and how they've played a role in your upbringing and current offerings. Begin altar keeping and incorporate sacred ritual into your life. Learn how to ground yourself amidst uncertainty as you set intentions for your future self while creating a plan-of-action and accountability to get there.


🌱January - March
Phase 2: 
After we've set a foundation of trust with ourselves and those in the container, we move into the solar plexus and heart chakra as we restore confidence and self love. Reclaim your intuition as you learn how to "listen to your gut". Learn about heart coherence, how to move from empathic pain to intuitive power, and how to shift your frequencies so you know how to hold space for yourself and others as triggers arise in workshop settings, speaking engagements, or difficult conversations.


🌸May - June
Phase 3:
With the catalogue of new stories we've excavated, we will hone in on your third eye and crown chakra through your big "Why" and strategize ways to share your story medicine in a clear and concise way. Whether it's through leading an online or in-person workshop, delivering your signature talk on an online platform or in front of an audience, you'll gain the basic marketing tools and public speaking skills to leverage your story

*Our timeline will be determined by the collective and is subject to change. Live coaching dates are currently set on Wednesdays from 7:00PM - 8:00PM (PST).


(aka badass elders in the making and ancestors in the come back!) 


"June’s work is akin to the wind on a sailboat! Her gifts and capacity to retrieve and birth my story is a helpful guide in the process of developing my brand and offerings. Through her exquisite formulas, techniques, and deep energetic and physical wisdom of the body, she efficiently fosters confidence in me to show myself authentically with the world."

Jaguar Moon (aka Diana Paez)
Brand Alchemist, Founder of

"June, I’m so deeply grateful to have received your masterful coaching, which gave me the perfect approach to create my first ‘ask’ for clients. As a result of our coaching and what I was able to create, just from posting in a small group, three women came forward wanting to work with me. I love how powerful you are, and what an amazing stand you are for women. Your presence has helped me immensely. Thank you so much!"

Jasmin Indra

"Jumakae is a very gifted coach. She uses her intuition and groundedness to make space for clients to grow. Working with her helped me to arrive at a place where I knew what I wanted to be doing with my life. She has an innate ability to build trust and find common ground. It felt like talking to a sister-friend who just gets you and wants to see you fly! June's warmth and strength are undeniable. As a fellow creative, she helped me tap into what was already within me and allow it to flourish. I'm so grateful for her role in my growth! "

Pia Schiavo-Campo
Transformational Life Coach, Body Positivity Activist
 Join me to culminate our experience with a 3 DAY in-person retreat in the Los Angeles area where you'll have the opportunity to dive deeper into your craft with in-depth coaching, embodiment activities, and delivering your story medicine.

Lodging, Transportation, & Meals Not Included.

(See FAQ below for more information.)

JUNE 2020
*Exact dates and location TBA*



Walk away with headshots and lifestyle images to use for your branding from Rachel Madrigal of Twin Flame Photography, photographer for spiritual entrepreneurs.

What else is included?


Beginning in October, we will meet twice a month for 1.5 hours to cover content and modules, followed by coaching on next steps. All modules and sessions will be recorded for replay if you're unable to make it. *Bonus sessions may be added based on group's needs.

You'll also get assigned an accountability partner to grow with and be a part of our secret facebook group to share your progress!


As an added bonus, receive six (6) forty-five minute sessions of personal and confidential coaching calls with me to get unstuck and hone in on your story medicine, from practicing your stage presence to getting clear on your messaging. 


Growth can only happen in relationship to one another. If there is a particular subject that is requested outside of my expertise, you'll gain access to other coaches who will be invited into our sessions to share their knowledge that they charge upwards to $500 an hour for.

*Pictured: Mwale & Chantel, book midwives


Additional Speakers:

Lilia Tarawa

Religious Cult Survivor, #1 Best-selling Author & Transformational Speaker; Tedx Speaker 2017


Marc Cordon

Positive Psychology Coach, Chief Disruptive Officer of The Joy Revolution™

Diana Paez

Brand Alchemist
Numerology • Sacred Geometry • Tarot Archetypes • Astrology


Kristin González

Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Feminine Healing Arts Practitioner

And many more!

*Experts are subject to change and will be invited based on topics of interest. Because I strongly believe in shared leadership, there will be opportunities for you to practice your facilitation skills if this is what you'd like to cultivate. As your coach, I am committed to supporting you in bringing out your own expertise.*



  • Changemakers and aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to take action and have community accountability to get clear on their messaging.
  • Women of color, gender non-binary folks, multiracial people, and allies who are actively reclaiming their ancestor's healing practices.
  • People who are feeling called to lead workshops, speak in public, and make their wellness a priority.
  • Individuals who are not afraid to invest in themselves and their personal growth in a collective container.
  • Bodies that are ready to reclaim their sensuality and unapologetically take up space!


... you're looking for a quick fix or solution to their problems.

... you're not willing to take risks toward the unknown.'re focused more on criticism than creativity, collaboration, and growth. prefer to remain stagnant and stuck in their old ways without room for challenges. actively avoid triggers and blame external circumstances for their results. feel like you're already receiving enough support in your business and life. prefer to work alone and would like individualized mentorship. 


If you're feeling a full-body YES! Then you're invited to an interview for my 9 month coaching + mentorship program that launches in OCTOBER 2019. *Participants will be selected via interview process.* SPOTS ARE LIMITED.


🌱2 LIVE Group Coaching Calls per month

🌱Six 1:1 Private Coaching Calls 

🌱Modules in Between Sessions

🌱Accountability and Support

🌱Guest Experts and Trainers

🌱In-Person Retreat with Headshots

...and a community of aspiring storytellers on a similar journey.

"As a career marketer, I was always quick with counseling my clients on ways to best elevate their brand and provide value to their audience. However, when the brand I was marketing was me, I was drawing a blank. I forgot many basic things that I could do to elevate my brand and establish myself as a leader, but June helped me to reconnect with that expertise. She offered different ideas for me to consider (that by the way have already gotten rave reviews from clients), she has reminded me to flex my CEO skills, to collect evidence of my expertise, and to not be afraid to ask for the speaking engagements I want, and to set my terms for those opportunities. If you are ready to stop going it alone, and ready to hear what you need to hear (and not what you want to hear) but always with love to elevate your brand, June is the coach for you."

Kea Duggans
Aha! Coaching and Consulting

"June is a great coach for embodying your truth and guiding you to share your story. She has taught me that my story is my medicine. Her teachings allow me to shine brighter as my true authentic self and helped me to embrace parts of myself I believed I needed to hide. Her easy going nature and willingness to care and give so much creates a space for safety in the unraveling process and she is an inspiration to step into the powerful queen I know I came here to be. Her gifts allow me to see my own and I want to share them to be of service!"

Victoria Alexandria
Intuitive Coach for Women

"June is a powerhouse! Having her share her phenomenal storytelling skills was transformational and illuminating. Her easy to follow formula, passion and humor has helped me tap into my inner storyteller in new found ways with confidence."

Honovi Strongdeer
Chai with the Cosmos

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please note: Although I am an accredited life coach, I am NOT a licensed professional when it comes to mental health. (However, I consult with many organizations on how to better their wellness culture!) This is not a substitute for therapy, and I highly encourage you to have someone who can process unresolved trauma with you outside of this container. 

Coaching is a profession that supports personal and professional growth and development based on individual-initiated change in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes. These outcomes are linked to personal or professional success. Coaching is forward moving and future focused. Therapy, on the other hand, deals with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or a relationship between two or more individuals. The focus is often on resolving difficulties arising from the past which hamper an individual's emotional functioning in the present, improving overall psychological functioning, and dealing with present life and work circumstances in more emotionally healthy ways.

Therapy outcomes often include improved emotional/feeling states. While positive feelings/emotions may be a natural outcome of coaching, the primary focus is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in one's work or personal life.The emphasis in a coaching relationship is on action, accountability, and follow through toward your higher self and #eldergoals.

We will do some work excavating our past since old stories are often what holds us back. However, I cannot be entirely responsible for your triggers. See this as an invitation for parts of ourselves that have yet to be healed. Consider this your trigger warning if you choose to walk with me, and know that every challenge is entirely consensual. 🖤

No. Just come as you are and be ready to start diving into your stories! Our conversations will take place on Zoom, so it is recommended that you at least download this app. You'll also receive modules that will be uploaded between our session which you'll receive access to through an exclusive membership portal. I would recommend keeping a journal, and having a space to ground yourself with minimal distractions during the calls.

Throughout the program, I'll recommend some tools that have helped me with my growth. It's up to you what you'd like to apply.

The purpose of this program is to focus on your stories from the inside out. When we are willing to do the inner and ancestral work, we can move with further clarity into marketing and branding how we present ourselves to the world. Everyday we are unconsciously doing this, so you will get clear on your mission and purpose that will serve as the motivating factor toward your goals. From there, this can lead into speaking opportunities or workshop offerings that you will intentionally approach from an entrepreneurial standpoint.

Although I am not a social media expert, utilizing platforms like Facebook and Instagram will be a requirement of this program so that you can practice getting comfortable with being seen. You'll also learn about the basic needs of developing your website.

Making this investment is essentially an investment in yourself and how committed you are to your personal growth. Additionally, running an online business comes with many overhead costs. In fact, every client costs me money so I am very intentional about who I am also willing to invest my time in. When you invest in this program, you are also investing in other women who I hire to help me with additional tasks so that you are feeling fully supported on your journey. Because of this, refunds will not be granted.

If you have experienced periods of financial distress, now is the time to tap into your resourcefulness so that you can break this pattern for your past and future generations.

That’s up to you, love. Stepping on this path of entrepreneurship means being able to take financial risks, and that means there is a potential for losses and gains. However, I believe that there’s no such thing as a loss, since some of my greatest lessons came from my most expensive mistakes. 

The first year of creating new opportunities for yourself typically requires a mindset shift, getting clear on your messaging, and creating the structures to have a strategy in place before launching your offerings. I wouldn’t trust any coach or program that is selling you schemes to get rich quickly. A tree doesn’t rush to grow, so we will take our time to plant strong roots.

My experience has been that when we are willing to invest in ourselves and others, we open up our capacity to receive abundance. Money is just a currency and energetic flow, and you get to decide where to direct it. Consider this an opportunity to stretch yourself toward new possibilities! Also, I will teach you how to feel prepared to offer any workshops and speaking engagements so that you are eventually positioned to monetize your offerings and generate clients (if that’s the route you choose). 

My highest intention for you is to feel at home in your body, and that is priceless. When this become a priority, opportunities are limitless.

Absolutely not! You will gain so much simply by being a part of our calls. The retreat is an added bonus where we will go much deeper into your story medicine, and is a chance for us to build stronger connections with each other in person. A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place (and helps me to invest in our amazing photographer!) I'm able to make this affordable by having you cover your own lodging, transportation, and food.

We may have attendees in different time zones. While joining us for the coaching calls are where you'll receive a lot of growth, attendance is not mandatory.  However, it is encouraged that you watch the replays and modules while taking small action steps by posting your progress to stay engaged with the entire cohort. Any questions you have that aren't covered in our group calls can be taken to our private facebook group or booked through your complimentary 1:1 calls where you will receive additional support. 

If this is your preference over a group program, individualized coaching packages start at 3 months for $2,000 (if paid in full) or $750 a month.

You get a total of eight (8) forty-five minute sessions with me, and unlimited support between sessions via Voxer.

For clients who are needing support with developing their workshop or preparing for an upcoming speaking gig, rates are currently at $250 per hour.

As someone who has signed up for multiple programs, I've learned that growth cannot happen with short-term commitment. This is why you will have an extended period of time to implement the work while having support from me as your coach and your cohort members along the way. Imagine yourself in a process of rebirth, and I'm here to help you midwife who you're becoming.

I only want to collaborate with people who are seriously committed to their growth. Coaching is a partnership, and working with a group means we are all accountable to each other. There are moments in our lives where we go into hiding, and if this has been your experience then having this kind of support will ensure that you stay in action and that you are not alone.

Your feedback is a gift, and as a small business owner it's important for me to have open communication with my clients so that you're feeling supported on this path.

Also, if you are also someone who tends to chase the next shiny object without seeing the first project through to completion, then practice the art of committing to one thing for nine months and finishing it through until the end.

Healing is nonlinear, so be compassionate with your pace.

The truth is, I’m not in competition with other coaches. In fact, I continue to work with my own coaches and several mentors who support me on this journey! That is a part of the paradigm shift we are creating: one that is about collaboration, increasing our sense of self-worth, tapping into our strengths, and seeing ourselves as the resources for one another as we expand our gifts.

While I work with all genders and identities, it is important for me to center the voices of women of color and survivors of sexual trauma since we are in a crucial time for us to reclaim our sensuality, pleasure, and joy. I am firm with my beliefs of equity and justice, and acknowledge that I’m not perfect; I am always learning. However, my stance as a leader is that we center healing over harm so that we do not further perpetuate these cycles of violence that have created barriers between us. (For example, I am not a fan of call-out culture if it is rooted in ego. If a problem is going to be addressed, then be ready with solutions. Better yet, be the “Solutionary” as Grace Lee Boggs so graciously puts it.)

Arrive with a curious and an open heart. 

I do not believe there is one coach that fits all of your needs, and that the right coach appears in divine timing. If you are feeling called to work with me alongside an incredible group of others who are ready to awaken their story medicine, then I invite you to book a call with me to see if we are a good match.

This is for anyone who identifies as a woman, and for gender non-conforming people with an interest in cultivating a healthy relationship with their body and sensuality. We will also focus on expanding your skills as a storyteller through public speaking and workshop facilitation. Priority for this program is for people of color to fill a large gap within the wellness and coaching industry.

We will have curricula that touches on anatomy and its connection to speaking our truth, and we trust that you'll walk away feeling resourced regardless of what gender you were assigned with at birth.

Additional video testimonials from clients around the world:










Last Chance to Apply!

This program won't be running again for at least another year. If you've been procrastinating on your life's calling, now is the time to receive the support and accountability to get there.

About Your Coach:

June Marisa Kaewsith, also known as "Jumakae," is a professional artist, wellness consultant, and storytelling coach. As an artist, she has conducted spoken word workshops and mural projects with various youth groups, and has facilitated theater skits with community members addressing local issues from workers' rights to environmental justice. As a keynote speaker, she has motivated crowds through her original poetry in high schools, college campuses, and various nonprofit groups throughout California. Clients who have sought her as a storytelling coach are change agents who have gone on to tell their stories on large stages in front of thousands of people, entrepreneurs pitching project proposals and product launches to board rooms for a handful of investors and funders, and individuals or artists seeking confidence in their ability to speak authentically and share their work publicly.

She currently serves as a speakers' advocate in Lisa Nichols' program "Ignite Your Speaking," and is an assistant business coach to Shereen Sun's Muse Business Academy educating clients on how to create their signature talks and workshops to serve as medicine for the masses.

Through her additional practice as a wellness consultant, she is a 200 hr registered yoga teacher trained to work with survivors of sexual trauma through Peace Over Violence and a transformational life coach (which she rephrases as "life doula") with a professional certification from Leadership That Works. With her passion for the arts and somatic learning, she holds self-care and storytelling workshops for organizations and individuals to strengthen team relationships and wellness culture from a social justice and trauma-informed lens. To read more, visit


"Before working with June, I had an idea of what I wanted to say and who I was speaking to but all of my ideas didn’t come together and didn’t seem very clear. I felt like I was almost ready to put my story out there, but through the magic of her coaching and the questions she asked me, she literally wrote my own words down without telling me what to say or push me in any one direction. I’m really happy because now my right fit clients are hearing my message for my business. My clients are finding me. I think that working with her is a big reason why she helped me get my message out very clearly and succinctly and honestly."

Sara Stanizai
Sara Stanizai, MA, LMFT, Prospect Therapy

"“Strong willed and driven. June has an amazing ability to tell stories and guide people in telling their own authentic story. I didn’t know the importance of this fully until I listened to her workshop and applied her knowledge into creating my own story. She’s a visionary and I am so grateful to have her as a coach.”"

Samara Kennedy
Herbalist, Health Coach, Breathwork Practitioner of House of Umi

"I am a full time actor and entrepreneur, and recently I was approached to do my very first Guest Lecture at a university. Being in front of a classroom was something I’d never done before, so of course, I was nervous! June was generous with her time and gave me such wonderful pointers for me to share my story. She made it feel simple and not as daunting as I’d made it out to be in my head! She was so supportive and also helped to make sure I was utilizing all of my skill sets in the room. Not only that, I feel the storytelling shorthand she gave me can be utilized in all different arenas of performance, not just guest lectures! If you need help crafting a story, a lecture, a motivational speech, ANY kind of story, June is the go-to!"

Natalie Camunas
Actor & Creative Entrepreneur

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